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What could be better than the perfect hog roast event, free of worry, delicious food for all your guests and all prepared and served by a qualified chef?

Then consider that most of Parkers Hog Roast competitors will charge you the same price for just a machine and a hog?

Then factor in that our chef will serve the hog roast at the perfect cooked temperature and that during the event he can diversify by creating delicious spare ribs or mouth watering pork kebabs whilst being polite and ensuring the food goes without a hitch!

Then ask yourself – Why would you use another hog roast company when Parkers will make your day?

Success Across Norfolk County
Our qualified chef has several years experience running many prestigious outside catering events, with hog roasts we have had many successful events in Norfolk including Gt Yarmouth, Norwich, Kings Lynne plus many smaller towns and villages across Norfolk.

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Types of occasion for Hog Roasts
We have catered for birthdays, weddings, christenings, bonfire night, garden parties and many other special occasions. We have modern reliable hog roast equipment as well as a modern reliable van so you can be sure your hog roast event will not suffer from unexpected reliability issues.

We pride ourselves on friendly customer service and we are eager to talk to any potential client even just for advice on planning so use our contact button and drop us a line, we will get back to you straight away.

In addition we also cater for company functions and corporate events plus fetes, festivals and shows so if you are considering the catering for one of these events then give Parkers a call and let us take the worry away from your catering needs.

Make the right choice and call Parkers Hog Roast Hire today and see how we can help make your day a success. Call now on 07769 685456

19 Responses to Hog Roast Hire Norfolk

  1. Sadie says:

    Hi I want a quote for a hog roast for this new years eve 2013 for about 50 people, do you provide a marquee and tables to? please send me a full price list including all the extras I am in the cromer area
    Many thanks Sadie x

  2. Sadie says:

    Hi I want a quote for a hog roast for this new years eve 2013 for about 50 people, do you provide a marquee and tables to? please send me a full price list including all the extras
    Many thanks Sadie x

  3. annie katnoria says:

    hello, i am running a summer festival at pretty corner woods in sheringham on 22nd august, 10am to 4pm. would you be interested in selling hog roasts to the public. Last year we had over 700 visitors.  Thank you

  4. Daniel Hewitt says:

    Hi there,
    im thinking of having a birthday part in the summer, roughly 60 people, could you give me a quote please? 
    Thanks Dan

  5. alison kenny says:

    My daughter is getting married on Sat 3rd August in Little Snoring, nr Fakenham.  We would like a price for a hog raost for between 50 – 60 people. The reception will be in the garden (marquee is provided). Can you confirm if you cook on site or before you arrive?  What the price would be both with and without salad/potatoes?  Are you available on this date?

  6. james geddes says:

    hi im enquiring about a hogroast with rolls, potatoes salad ect for 50 people for my wedding in july. for either a fork buffet or sitdown meal.
    thank you.

  7. hannah says:

    hello, im looking for someone to cater for my wedding reception, i was thinking of either a hog roast or finger buffet or a mixture of the two, was just wondering what you can offer me please

  8. Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

    Had a glorious weekend in Norfolk where we had two hog roast events in one weekend, the first was a hog roast for 80 guests up on the North Norfolk coast at Heacham. This was a birthday celebration and our inhouse chef Terry really enjoyed this event. We took up a presentation box of complimentary cupcakes for the birthday boy who was 21.

    That was our first saturday in Norfolk for a couple of weeks and it was a fantastic event.

    Sunday saw us in Yarmouth for a rural event on the East Norfolk coast, it was a smaller affair with 50 guests and plenty of hog to go around as the pig was a little generous. Still nobody complained at getting seconds and some thirds I believe :) the weather was great all weekend and so once again Norfolk came up trumps for Parkers hog roast.

  9. Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

    We have just completed our fourth diary booking in Norfolk for August – The dates are getting tight now so if you want our special hog roast prices and our fantastic chef Terry then you need to contact us soon.

    Our latest event was near Diss in a lovely part of Norfolk and not far from my beloved Thetford Forest where I used to do enduro events on my moto-X bike.

    We love coming to Norfolk so drop us a line and book your Norfolk hog roast now!

    Call now on 07786 610610

    Or use our hog roast bookingform or just mail us – info@parkers-hog-roast.co.uk

  10. bobby says:

    Hog roast needed for my mums birthday in norwich up in norfolk, hog roast os for at least 80 people as mum is 60 and all the family will be there. The access is small though, will your hog roast machine fit through a 1 meter gap down the side of the house?

    • Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

      Hi Bobby, Parkers would love to come up to Norfolk and yes our machine will fit through your 1 metre gap.

  11. joe says:

    please can you email a quote for our rugby do, we would have 60 people and it is in Yarmouth in Norfolk county, to get to our place you would come straight up the a12 but you need to go through Yarmouth and up the coast so i dont know if that would affect the cost. we want a hog roast but would also like additional catering.

    • Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

      Hello Joe, it will not affect the cost, the cost of the hog roast will be £500 unless you would like extras such as potatoes etc, we are used to heading into Norfolk and we will PM you now.



  12. Hunstanton Norfolk says:

    What will it costfor a hog roast for 100 people in Hunstanton Norfolk, its a 50th birthday party with a marquee in a paddock, entry is easy and we can provide assistance to set up.

    • Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

      hi there Hunstanton in Norfolk, we will send you a quote immediately and would love to provide your hog roast for your 50th birthday party.


  13. Mrs Bloomfield says:

    Hi There, I saw your prices for a hog roast for 60 people, can you tell me please if the hog roast comes with somebody to carve and will your hog roast machine fit through a 1 metre gap? I am looking to hire both the machine and the chef for my garden party.

    Mrs Bloomfield

    • Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

      Hello Mrs Bloomfield, I will amail you the quote once we have firmed up some details about what you need from your hog roast.

      kind Regards


  14. David Jones says:

    Hi There,

    I am looking for a hog roast for 80 people, I had a hog roast booked but they have now let me down, can you contact me and let me know if you can help.



    • Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

      Hi there DJ, Im sorry another hog roast company let you down, Parkers will make sure your day runs smoothly, I have your email thanks and will respond with the other hog roast details such as apple sauce and stuffing.



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