Hog Roast Pricing for 100 People

This is the pricing for a hogroast event for 100 guests

To cook a hog roast for 100 guests is going to take in the region of 7 hours and so we always make sure we get our timing right for these larger events, the last thing a client wants is to have 100 people tapping their fingers whilst the hog is still roasting.
Also with larger parties we sometimes now need to cater for vegetarians, if there is a lot of vegetarians attending your hog roast event then let us know and we may be able to provide a second machine. The beauty of a second machine is that it will ensure there is no contamination of the vegetarian food.
Call us for more info if this is something you need.

The standard service for 100 guests will cost £800 there is no VAT thus saving £160 see our about us page to understand why we are not VAT registered.

What do you get for 100 guests?

As usual lots of helpful planning advice because 100 guests can take some organising!!

Plus – A Fully Prepared Hog

  • Free range hogs.
  • A choice of baps and french sticks fresh baked on the day.
  • A fully trained and experienced chef – friendly too!
  • Delicious homemade apple sauce.
  • Homemade stuffing.
  • Delicious cracklin
  • Disposable plates and cutlery
  • Serving tables and cloths.
  • Service table equipment such as stainless steel dishes.
  • Free delivery and setup.
  • Chef with hygiene certificate.
  • Public liability insurance.

Chef will also add the personal touch in a friendly and polite manner, this can make the hog roast a real centrepiece for the event and many clients have enjoyed this aspect.

Also we have now catered for vegetarian demands at large hog roasts and the equipment with thegazebos looks really good and will impress your guests for sure.

Chef will be fun and professional and will be polite and helpful too!

Extras -

We offer a wide range of additions for your day should you wish to cater for a broader menu, we adapt these additions to suit your own requirements and so we like to talk to our clients to find out what you would like.

Extras that Parkers Hog Roast offer – we have a fully qualified chef and commercial catering kitchen so we can do anything any style-

  • We can do Lamb and beef too!
  • Full waiter/waitress service
  • Starters
  • Canapes
  • Salads
  • Potatoes
  • Desserts

Send us your details and we can work out a price to suite your budget and configure your menu anyway you want.


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9 Responses to Hog Roast Pricing for 100 People

  1. Hayley Feakes & Gavin Stevens says:

    Please can we have a quote on a hog roast for 80-100 people for our wedding evening reception? We would also like accompaniments and, as at least one of our guests is vegetarian, we would like more details including pricing on the vegetarian option you mention.
    No date yet as we are working out our budget first.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Hayley & Gavin

  2. Stephanie Copple says:

    Hello, I'm looking for quotes for a evening hog roast with sides and desserts. 
    Thanks for your 

  3. Ed Perrin says:

    I was wondering if you could provide a quote of Wedding Menu 2 for about 160 people (price per head would be great).  We're looking at a venue in Debenham between Framlingham and Stowmarket in Suffolk on 28th September.  If you could include prices for pig on its own, pig with lamb or pig with beef.  I'd like to know what the options are and if one is cheaper than any other.
    Many thanks
    Ed Perrin 

  4. gez bowles says:

    please price for wedding evening reception hog roast for 100 people peterborough location early 2014 appreciate it a while trying to budget many thanks

  5. Robert Domingue says:

    I would be looking to book a hog roast, with a lamb for around 100 guest on the 27th July 2013 in Colchester, are you free on this date and what would your quoted price? I would also be looking to order around 4 salads to go with the roasts?
    Thanks Robert

  6. stacey says:

    Hi, im looking for a hog roast for about 60 people in the day and also looking for left overs for hog rolls in the evening, id like side and desert too? What price would i be looking at? Thanks

  7. Sonia and Calum says:

    Do you cater for more than 100 guests at all – we are looking for quotes for 130?
    Thanks for your time!
    Sonia and Calum

  8. Claudia Chilvers says:

    Hi my name is Claudia Chilvers my wedding is next August … Saturday the 24th 2013. You resentley catered for my sisters wedding on the 07/07/2012 on Fox Medow Farm. Everyone was so impressed with the service and the quality of the food that we would love to have you at our wedding next year. If you could give me estimate on price for 160 people we would like one hog, one beef. Also some side dishes like potatoes, salad, pasta and to start the afternoon off with some canapays, as everyone makes there way back to the church. It is not a sit down dinner just an eat and drink when you want evening. Hope to here from you soon.
    Many Thanks
    Claudia Chilvers (the bride to be)

  9. Aimee Stokes says:

    I am looking for some caterers for our wedding on the 21st of April 2012 in Norfolk.  We have about 80 – 100 guests (tbc).
    We would like to serve canapes and then a hog roast  with salads and potatoes etc later in the day.
    Can you send me some details to the above email to discuss.
    Aimee and Richard (Soon to be Mr and Mrs Hooker)

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