Hog Roast Pricing for 80 guests

Parkers Hog Roast continues its simple pricing policy – this time for 80 guests.

We have avoided the complicated multiple menu approach of our competitors where its difficult to work out what you get or what you want when looking for a hog roast for 80 guests.

So Parkers decided to provide a simple pricing system based purely on the guest numbers, this is because the most important part of the day and the bit that goes wrong for many of our competitors is ensuring there is more than enough to go round.

The standard service for 80 guests will cost £750 there is no VAT thus saving £150 see our about us page to understand why we are not VAT registered.

What do you get for 80 guests?

Firstly lots of helpful planning advice!!

Plus – A Fully Prepared Hog

  • Free range hogs.
  • A choice of baps and french sticks fresh baked on the day.
  • A fully trained and experienced chef – friendly too!
  • Delicious homemade apple sauce.
  • Homemade stuffing.
  • Delicious crackling
  • Disposable plates and cutlery
  • Serving tables and cloths.
  • Service table equipment such as stainless steel dishes.
  • Free delivery and setup.
  • Chef with hygiene certificate.
  • Public liability insurance.

Chef will also add the personal touch in a friendly and polite manner, this can make the hog roast a real centrepiece for the event and many clients have enjoyed this aspect.

Extras -

We offer a wide range of additions for your day should you wish to cater for a broader menu, we adapt these additions to suit your own requirements and so we like to talk to our clients to find out what you would like.

Extras that Parkers Hog Roast offer – we have a fully qualified chef and commercial catering kitchen so we can do anything any style-

  • We can do Lamb and beef too!
  • Full waiter/waitress service
  • Starters
  • Canapes
  • Salads
  • Potatoes
  • Desserts

Send us your details and we can work out a price to suite your budget and configure your menu anyway you want.


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7 Responses to Hog Roast Pricing for 80 guests

  1. Victoria Doolin says:

    Could you give me a price for a Hog roast for 75 people, including a selection of 4 salads and strawberries and cream.
    This isnt until june 2014, no venue as yet, but in the Brentwood area.
    Thank you.

  2. Mark Lane says:

    I would be interested in having a Hog Roast for our wedding. would you be able to quote me for approx 70 people (day) with table service.  I would also be interested to know what starters you can offer? The date for our wedding is the July 2012 and is just outside of bury st edmunds
    Also do you offer any services for evening food for a wedding?

  3. Sanam Kia says:

    I am looking for a hog roast in Oxford on 22/6/2013. The number of guests is maximum 75 people. I would like the meat and the salad selection please.
    Could you give me a quote please
    Thank you

  4. Lisa Poole says:

    I am looking for a hog for our wedding in October 2013 at The Reid Rooms. Approx 90 day guests and extra 50 in the evening. Please could you give me a quote for hog and salad/potatos.


    • Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

      hi Lisa,

      thank you for your email, we would be delighted to quote for your hog roast event and will be in touch with you very soon.

      Thank you

  5. Perry says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a Hog Roast in August in Elmstead Market, Colchester with an 8pm start.

    Guest numbers are likely to be in the region of 120 and I’d like the meat and a salad selection please.

    If you have availability on this date, can you provide a quote please?



    • Arabella At Parkers Hog Roast says:

      Hi Perry,

      Thanks for your hog roast enquiry, we have spoken now by phone and your email quote is with you.

      Thank you


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