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Private Hog Roast and BBQ’s, Ipswich


What our customers say

Hi there,
just wanted to tell you what a brilliant night the boxing evening was at the greyhound stadium, it was a really great open air event but what made it was the number of well fed people who had such lovely hog roast servings, the stuffing and the crackling was unforgettable.

I came back twice for hog roast food and each time you were polite and funny, it was so great to see a smile, although there were other caterers everyone wanted hog roast. Well done for feeding a huge number of people, I am a friend of the owner at the Greyhound Stadium and I know he was thrilled.


Private Hog Roast and BBQ’s, Ipswich

Parkers are just back from their hog roast event in Ipswich, Suffolk which was a really great event and our customers were left thrilled and promising to book us again. If you are thinking about a hog roast or BBQ event in Ipswich or the surrounding area then read about our latest Ipswich success and then call Jenny on 07940364028  to book or find out more.

Our hog roast in Ipswich was a really lovely event, our clients had booked us many months ago and had accidentally given us the wrong guest numbers.

This meant that on the morning they were in a panic when they realised that they had asked for a hog roast to feed 50 people but there were 80 people coming to their Ipswich garden party.

Parkers always try to be resourceful and we realised that our Sunday event was actually smaller than expected so we contacted our Sunday guests who were more than happy to switch their pig for a smaller one and get some money back too.

That gave us a really good rapport and our short trip to Whitton was very worthwhile, the garden was beautiful and our clients had a lovely day. It was a really great event and the garden was stunning, which was appreciated by everyone.

We headed home after lots of handshakes and thanks and some complimentary cakes.

Anyway if you would like to experience the expertise and professionalism of Parkers Hog Roast and BBQ’s then call us now to book your event and we will be happy to help you.

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