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Showground Events


What our customers say

Parkers provided the hog roast to my recent garden party and I simply cannot praise them enough. chef being there and cooking in his chefs whites provided a great center piece in the garden and the hog roast was so very tasty. There was more to it than that however as they arrived early to set up and started cooking and without asking lent their professionalism to the cake displays, finger buffet and the set up generally. The staff friendly and helpful approach before, during and after the party took any worries that we had about the day away and they cleaned up so well afterwards that we really did not know they had been – fantastic”

Peter, Wivenhoe.

Showground Events

The showground events …  a growing part of our operation where a mixture of personal skills and customer service are important as repeat visits for food are often a part of a day’s affairs.

We have come to realise over the years that a gazebo doesn’t quite cut it so now with Parkers Pig Trough we really can showcase the best of what we can do. Street Food has become such a huge trend over the last few years so we felt that if you can’t beat them then join them! So with our converted trailer Parkes Pig Trough we can merrily have the meats cooking away out of the elements Britain is so known for. And we can enjoy serving the best traditional Hog Roast in a floury bap with homemade stuffing and apple sauce, delicious crackling that you will have ever tasted. Still to early in the day for a hog roast you can be sure to find us from the early hours serving mouthwatering bacon rolls with your favourite condiments to stall holders and general public alike.

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